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Moving Help

What if we told you that professional moving help is much more affordable than many people think?
Would you believe us?


Rent A Vet Movers is changing the way everyone views the professional moving industry. We offer a professional moving help service also known as moving labor. By using our moving help service, instead of our full service, you can save money because we do not charge you for the price of the truck. Truck rental companies charge pretty low prices for their easy to drive, automatic trucks. Each one of our crews also provide at no extra charge, dollies, and a full set of tools. We also have shrink wrap available if you need it. If you need help rearranging the furniture in your home or if you need a hand re-organizing your garage our moving labor service is what you are looking for!

Unfortunately, moving is one of those things that many people decide to tackle themselves only to realize that the job is much more than they imagined. Take time to survey the items in your home. Do you have items that may be too heavy to lift on your own, or too awkward to get onto a truck?

Were pretty sure the answer to those questions is ‘yes’. For most people trying to do the job yourself without the right training or equipment is asking for trouble. You might end up with extensive damage to some of your valued possessions, or you might end up hurting yourself. Either way, a better outcome could have been achieved through the use of professional moving help from Rent A Vet Movers.


Chances are that even if you take the time to map out your moving process, there are still likely to be issues that come up throughout the move. For instance, the St Louis traffic could throw a wrench into your timing, or you might find that your stuff takes a bit longer to load than you expected. To help you deal with these bumps in the road, Rent A Vet Movers will be there to support you from start to finish. Before, during, and after your move, you can count on us for assistance and top notch moving help.

If you are in the market for moving help services in St Louis Missouri, please contact Rent A Vet Movers right away. We can help you deal with any part of the moving process, and we have the experience needed to do the job right. To get started, feel free to give us a call for more information, we look forward to helping you settle into your new St Louis residence!


We Maximize Space

Our trained moving professionals are accustomed to maximizing the available space on your moving truck, trailer or container. We understand that wasted space is the same as wasted money. Loading a truck, trailer or pod is like a game of Tetris, we’ll utilize clever loading techniques so we can utilize every available inch of space. And, whenever possible, use less space than estimated, which may save you money!


Were in Moving Shape

Lets face it, moving is very physical work and we’re not saying you’re out of shape, but you’re probably not in mover shape. Loading a moving truck or container is hard work, and it takes a lot of unique physical conditioning to be in mover shape. We do this 7 days a week and our movers will load your moving truck faster than you and your friends will.

Moving Equipment

Our movers will arrive prepared for your loading service with a floor dolly and hand truck. They will also have standard tools available in case assembly/disassembly is required. Best of all, we provide this equipment at no additional cost!

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