St Louis Commercial Movers

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St Louis Commercial Movers

Are you looking for St Louis Commercial Movers? At Rent A Vet Movers we love helping companies of all sizes relocate. Our team of highly trained professionals are accustomed to the extra care necessary to prevent damage to expensive office furniture, office fixtures, inventory and the buildings themselves.

As licensed and insured commercial movers we are able to help you mitigate risk to your property and we are the local leader in providing the highest quality commercial moving services at competitive prices.

We offer a wide range of customizable commercial moving services to our corporate clients and we continue to expand our network by earning referrals and word of mouth advertising.

Whether you are simply moving to a new office in the same building or moving to a new building altogether we can help.

  • Certificates of Insurance (COI)
  • On Site Estimates
  • Proper Equipment & Supplies
  • Assigned Moving Coordinator
  • Available 7 days a week


The thought of relocating an office may be overwhelming, but with strategic planning any size office move can go smoothly. The objective when moving office equipment, office furniture, cubicles, phones and computers is to minimize disruption in the workplace and quickly return to normal levels of operation.

While no two office relocation projects are alike there are basic activities that need to be arranged and managed to ensure flawless execution. Our experienced staff of office moving project managers can assist you every step of the way.

Working as a team with you and your employees will guarantee that all phases of your office move are covered, plans are made, procedures carried out and timelines met. There are hundreds of small details to be attended to; Rent A Vet Movers experienced staff will make certain nothing is left to chance.

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